This is my shot…

To gain peace of mind…
To hug my grandmother…
To perform on stage again…
To save a life…
There are so many reasons to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

When it’s time for your shot, what will it be for?

Beth Israel Lahey Health colleagues are sharing why they are getting vaccinated. Since the pandemic began it’s never been easier to make a real difference. Tell us why this is your shot by tagging us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! #ThisIsMyShot #BILH

Roberta Delrosso, RN receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

“This my shot to send COVID-19 in the direction of Polio, Smallpox and the Dodo bird.”

—Roberta Delrosso, RN, Pulmonary and Critical Care at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center


Jason Robinson, Vice President

“This is my shot to keep my neighbors safe and healthy. It’s an honor.”

—Jason Robinson, Vice President, Hospital Based Services and Academic Affairs, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center


Megan Staples, RN“This is my shot to hug my mom who is surviving Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer and help my ICU patients have visitors again.”

—Megan Staples, RN, ICU, CCU Team Lead at Beverly Hospital
Rina Patel displays arm after receiving vaccine

“This is my shot to hug my grandfather again.”

—Rina Patel, Psychiatric Services, Anna Jaques Hospital



Jason Botelho in front of a fridge at BID-Needham

“This is my shot to safely keep our frontline workers well fed.”

—Jason Botelho, Executive Chef, Beth Israel Deaconess – Needham



Steven Re performing on a stage

“This is my shot to perform in front of a crowd again.”

—Steven Re, Associate Director, Imaging, Winchester Hospital 

(Photo taken pre-COVID)


Arshi Parvez, MD

“This is my shot to fulfill my responsibility as a doctor to demonstrate that the vaccine is safe.”

—Arshi Parvez, MD, Resident of Internal Medicine, Mount Auburn Hospital


Alisha Dagle, RN in her wedding dress

“This is my shot to have a formal wedding reception and memorable honeymoon.”

—Alisha Dagle, RN, Winchester Hospital



Dan Kowalsky after receiving vaccine

“This is my shot to protect myself, protect others, and hopefully get back to normal life.”

—Dan Kowalsky, Emergency Medicine Physician at Beth Israel Deaconess – Plymouth

“This is my shot to get my kids and other kids back in school and back out in activities.”

—Mike Snyder from the emergency department at Beth Israel Deaconess – Plymouth

“This is my shot to go home and hug my grandma for the first time in a year.”

—Michelle McCarthy, MD from Lahey Hospital & Medical Center