Why Is It Important To Get Vaccinated?

The arrival of COVID-19 vaccines is exciting news that promises to help save lives and control the pandemic. If you are curious about why it’s so important to get vaccinated, we’ve asked Sharon Wright, MD, Infection Control Lead at Beth Israel Lahey Health to fill you in.

There are three important factors that show why getting vaccinated is important, says Dr. Wright:

  1. The vaccine will provide you with an “antibody response” without having to contract the virus yourself. Getting vaccinated is “one of the best ways that you can protect yourself from developing [COVID].”
  2. Avoiding getting sick also means avoiding possible complications and serious illness. “While many people with COVID-19 only have a mild illness…there’s no way to know ahead of time how COVID-19 will affect you, even if you yourself are not at increased risk of severe complications.” Getting vaccinated is the best way to reducing your chance of getting sick.
  3. The COVID-19 vaccine is also one of the major roads back to normal life. Getting vaccinated could help your whole community. “Hopefully soon we’ll know for sure that COVID vaccination helps protect those around you by having you transmit less virus to others, even if you are exposed.”

By getting vaccinated, we ensure the safety of our families, our friends and our communities. We will help to slow the spread of the virus, which is the first step in returning to our normal lives.